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Africa I

In 2016 we took a sabbatical and traveled the world for four months. The dumbest thing we did was not travel for longer. We spent a large portion of time on the African continent: Botswana and Namibia, and a bit of South Africa.

Stuck in lockdown means time to go through old pictures. And before I start scraping the barrel of home-shots before I’ve even really begun this site, I thought I might as well delve into the archives. It was really nice to do – sometimes I cringe at older images I’ve made but I think these have managed to hold up quite well. I guess that comes from the heady mix of nature, light, and memories. Though I obviously didn’t post the worst of the bunch, these are more or less randomly chosen from the Lightroom Catalogue. Quick edits.

I’ve got a few prints on the wall and in storage (it’s backup!), but like many people I’ve not kept up as well with the editing as I should have, and I kind of feel guilty about that.

I’m not done with the African trove yet.