This is a picture of my wife when she was about three years old. Her parents took her to a local photographer and he made this lovely portrait of her with the red telephone. Innocence incarnate. The photographer himself was rightly pleased with the image and made a large print of it, giving it pride of place in his studio window for weeks.

I always admired the photo and not long after our son was born I had the idea that I should have a crack at doing a version of the photo with him so that we might have a diptych to hang on the wall.

I bought a red handset online – it’s actually useable so long as your phone manufacturer hasn’t decided to be “courageous” and remove the headphone jack – and would every now and then bring it out to show our son so that he became familiar with it, and knew more or less what it was and what it was supposed to be used for.

After having the headset for a while I noticed one day that the light was good and (equally important) that our little treasure was in an accommodating mood. I fetched the headset, connected it to my wife’s phone & rang it, giving him the receiver so that he might have a chat.

In the few minutes that I had before he got bored I managed the above image. I was pretty pleased with myself (ecstatic actually) until I noticed on the camera’s LCD screen that I’d knocked the ISO dial on my Fujifilm X-T3 and that the images had been made at ISO 12800. 12800! I always thought that was a marketing gimmick that they stuck on the camera just to tick a box on a spec sheet somewhere. It’s never something I’ve wittingly used. My Canon 5D2 starts getting unruly over 3200 ISO and it has a much bigger sensor.

Crestfallen, I later trudged over to the computer to see what could be done to save the image. I was expecting the worst but it actually turns out that it needed practically no saving at all! There was obviously a bit of noise, but nothing that detracts from the image. I fiddled with the image a tiny bit (I was going to try to replicate the colour cast, and also blur the photo a little – the original is slightly blurred, but decided against it) and then without further ado ordered a similar sized print.