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Gran Canaria

Earlier this year before the approach of The End Times, we took a family holiday to Gran Canaria. Much beaches, such sand castles. Family holiday and hence family pictures (the best sort…), but I snuck away a couple of times in the early hours with my camera to take a few non-family pictures.

A boy in a plane getting ready to pilot the machine

Though I brought a tripod (a tiny little carbon fibre thing – another advantage to small mirrorless cameras), it was always buried in some luggage or other or we had child things to carry and so was not readily available whenever I needed it. And that’s my excuse. I did bring it with me for these shots on the sand dunes, however.

I really enjoyed trying to find the odd abstract image here and there.

We stayed predominantly in the south although we couldn’t resist a journey all the way to the other end of the island to the aquarium in the north (about 1 hours’ travel). Whenever I go to aquariums I’m always looking forward to the jellyfish. If you’re ever on Gran Canaria, go to the aquarium

And besides the aquarium we also took a submarine ride. We didn’t see much, but, have you ever been in a submarine? Me neither. Was beautiful, and the boy and I got to drive the wife mad with yellow submarine renditions for the rest of the holiday. For the astute, yes that is a Yashica FX-D.