Photography Travels

New York

Long ago in a faraway time, we traveled the globe.

I took a Sony a6000 with me to document it. Not because I loved it, but because I was sick of carrying kilos of Canon 5D2 everywhere. The autofocus made up for a lot (actually the autofocus was amazing), especially coming from the 5D2, but the colours out of the camera were awful and the buttons were tiny and I just didn’t like it, despite it being so highly rated. It did however have a very lovely 50mm 1.8 (75mm on the crop sensor) with image stabilisation, and I got some nice images out of that. I wish Fujifilm produced something like that for the ~280€ I paid for it.

I previously paid the images little attention as I found the colours even more detracting than usual. Holiday snaps from a lovely time to help us remember what we did, but not photographic images with worth in and of themselves. As I also previously disliked the artifice and unreality of black & white they were left untouched, but as I presently love it I am able to improve them somewhat.

This guy was nice. His name is Shareef Clayton and I hope he’s doing well nowadays and that’s happy and healthy. Technically the picture doesn’t belong here as it was taken in Helsinki Airport, but after seeing him practicing in silence and asking to take his picture, I got talking to him and he told me he was giving a concert in a library in Queens in a few days. He gave me a copy of his CD to boot. We turned up at the library where the concert was being held, enjoyed their music, then queued to say thanks and pay him for the CD we already had.